Organize and Plan Group Trips

Ladies trips, guys trips, family trips, youth group trips.  I will plan the entire backpacking trip for you, including selecting a trail that is right for your group, gear lists, shuttles, food planning, and walk you through securing a permit. There will be a centralized social media page for your group to converse on and ask unlimted questions. Ultimately, your group will guide itself.  But you will be organized, prepared, and you'll have clear directions to work from.  There should be two people in your group with some backpacking experience who can serve as trip leaders.  

$200/group, minimum number of people 5.  Maximum depends on area regulations.  


Montana Trip Planning

Are you fairly comfortable backpacking and want to plan a 1, 2, or 3 night backpack trip to Montana but feel overwhelmed on where to go? Maybe the landscape or the wildness of Montana seems a little out of reach. Let me put together a perfect Montana trip for you in a place where permits aren't required and scenery is unmatched.  I'll give you a trip itinerary, campsite locations, meal planning, backpacking advice, organize shuttle arrangements, and we will talk about area wildlife.  $200 for your entire group, group size limit is 15.  We will communicate as a group first on the telephone with the trip leader, and then all together by email or social media.  Unlimited coaching online up until you leave for your trip.  


One-on-one Coaching

We set a weekly schedule and communicate by phone, facetime, email, and facebook to get you ready for your very first backpack trip.  

We start at the very beginning, first setting your backpacking goal.  Your trip can be anywhere as backpacking is universal!  We set the date and we work toward achieving that goal.  

We talk about gear, clothes, food, camping, leave no trace practices, every single concern you might have.  We talk you through it.  When your trip comes, you tackle it on your own.  It may sound overwhelming but by the time you actually hit the trail we will have talked everything through taking you from the couch to the campsite.  This option is perfect for the person who likes to hike but can't seem to break through the backpacking barrier. With a little bit of coaching you can do this backpacking thing all on your own.   

$200/person for the Beginner Backpack Series.